Skinvacation (Idenbenone + Sun Protect)


Expiry Date
All-in-one package - Entry version (#Firming #Whitening)



Skinvacation (Idenbenone + Sun Protect)

All-in-one package - Entry version (#Firming #Whitening)

Idebenone Ampoule (4pcs/Box) + BBOSONG BBOSONG SUN STICK SPF50+ PA++++

Idebenone Signature Ampoule (4pcs/Box) (Expiry Date: 2023/Nov/2)

【6-in-1 EffectiveMulti-functional ampoule】
- Qualified by KFDA: With water, anti-oxidation, improve wrinkles, whitening, moisturizing, enhance skin elasticity
- Deeply nourish the skin and provide the necessary nutrients

2 major components:
(1.) Aildrobenzene - an antioxidant that effectively prevents ageing of the skin, has antioxidant properties of vitamin C x 4 times and Q10 x 10 times, and the effect of applying botulinum
(2.) Hyaluronic acid - can make the skin to improve water absorption, so that the skin tissue contains the most components, so that tissue cells to penetrate the lower nutrition and improve skin elasticity

BBOSONG BBOSONG SUN STICK SPF50+ PA++++  (Expiry Date: 2023/May/12)

The unique SHIELD COMPLEX ingredient can protect the skin, refreshing and non-sticky, refreshing sunscreen after use.
Triple functions: whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection

1 Gentle application and refreshing effect
Apply lightly, not greasy,
Daily sunscreen stick that can be used anytime, anywhere, no need to apply by hand
2. Skin protection and soothing effect
Ideben ingredient (200PPM), SHIELD COMPLEX, green orange and other ingredients
Protect and soothe skin from the external environment
3. Smooth and smooth formula
With super-elastic porous powder can smoothly adhere to the skin
The formula is non-sticky, light and smooth
4. Mixed green tea and strong UV protection
It is a blended green tea that can be used casually, so it is the highest UV protection index in Korea. Strong UV protection with SPF50 + PA ++++
5 drops of water stick
Can cover the skin's curved gaps and fine positions to strengthen UV protection

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