Idebenone Cream
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Strengthens skin energy to create elastic and moisturized skin
EGF, Adenosine, Niacinamide and Peptides



Why we love it

Strengthens skin energy to create elastic and moisturized skin.
Recharges moisture without irritation to the skin, forming a protective film to protect the skin from various harmful environments.
The most powerful next-generation anti-aging substance in existence, the only ingredient that avoids early aging and photoaging at the same time, and has an excellent antioxidant effect of 4 times vitamin C and more than 10 times that of coenzyme Q10.
The antioxidant aging index test by sunlight showed that Idebenone had excellently good results.
Suitable when the skin needs high nutrition, when the skin needs to be hydrated without irritation, when worried about the skin from cracking due to the high level of rapid moisturizing, when you want healthy and elastic skin, and for unnourished skin.

Featured ingredientsWrinkle-relieving ingredients such as EGF, adenosine and peptides help restore the skin and fill it with firmness from the inside.
Niacinamide's brightening ingredient improves blemishes and leaves dull skin tired of fatigue back to a bright tone.
Contains oalmitoyl oligopeptides to help improve skin texture.
Contains adenosine to help strengthen skin elasticity.
Contains niacinamide to help improve melamine production.
Contains Idebenone to help avoid skin ageing.
The esterified compound of tocopheryl + acetyl acid is an antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body with vitamin E and provides excellent anti-ageing and skin regeneration ability.
Acetyl hexapeptide-8 avoids wrinkles from recurring muscle exercise, making it an effective anti-ageing product.
Centella's madecassoside ingredient with Centella extract soothes the skin to help repair skin damage, wounds, and so on, strengthening the moisture barrier for healthy skin.

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount to the skin that needs nutrition.
*Idebenone Ampoule and Idebenone Cream can be used in 1:2 ratio for richer moisturizing.

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